Deep Freeze Enterprise / Server Enterprise 7.50 Full Version

As we know, there are 3 versions of Deep Freeze. The first Deep Freeze Standard, Enterprise, and Enterprise Server. What's the difference? Standard if it's just for personal PC wrote, if the Enterprise was able to create a rich network of figuring, Office, etc., while the Enterprise Server for users of Windows Server. I now share Enterprise wrote a version, which features more information than standard.

There are not yet know the usefulness of Deep Freeze? Deep Freeze serves to 'Freeze' system on our PC. So when your PC is restarted in a state of freeze, then keadaanya will be as before. Deep Freeze can be a security software your PC so your PC can not be modified by anyone except those who know the password.

 Deep Freeze Enterprise with Deep Freeze Server Enterprise is the difference in windowsnya compatible. If Deep Freeze Enterprise's support for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 and can be used by the Network (Server - Client) for example in figuring and Office. If Deep Freeze Server Enterprise is the same rich features Deep Freeze Enterprise, he was just a special for users who may use Windows Server. Sorry if wrong, because it's just guess based on experience and predictions.

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